Gothenburg and Karlatornet

Bye-Bye Göteborg

Melancholy. That’s the word I prefer to express how I feel about leaving Göteborg. Not just for knowing that it might be a while before I see friends and family again. Equally missed will be the general positive attitude people in Göteborg have.

I’ve interacted with at least a dozen individuals in a wide range of situations and locations and almost been taken aback by how easy it is to strike up a casual conversation with complete strangers. I have no idea why this is, but I miss experiencing the smooth social interactions (in Swedish: goa göteborgare) the city is so famous for.

Captured the above view of Karlatornet on our way to Göteborg’s Central Station a little while ago.

Now, facing backward but with the sun shining – just as it did on our train ride up to Göteborg on the 23rd of December – we’re heading south to Malmötown.