Crispy Fish and Chips

British Comfort Food: Fish-n-Chips

Like most countries, England has its fair share of craving-worthy comfort foods. Yesterday evening, a few hours after arriving in the UK for the first time in five years and almost like a rite of passage – yet considerably less ceremonious – Charlotte, Elle, and I happily devoured a huge portion of crispy, fluffily fried fish-n-chips each at a local Paddington corner pub.

Now while the fried texture of the aforementioned vertebrate was far beyond reproach, the fish itself was utterly tasteless and in desperate need of some heavy-handed help in order to reach at least a reasonable level of edibility.

So, with the aid of several table-side condiments, including salt, pepper, several generous squirts of vinegar, and a dab of mayo, the fish dish turned out pretty darn good. Especially with a pint.