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I haven’t tasted a decent avocado in a long time. It’s as if the avocados imported to Sweden are the least avocado-tasting variant on the planet. Which probably means they are the cheapest to import and by implication the most profitable to sell. Screwed again. The avocado we had as a topping on tonight’s poke bowl was more or less tasteless, despite salt and lemon. The texture was fine, but there was just no flavor.

The giant avocado above is from Vietnam and I bought it for about SEK5 at a local market in Hoi An, a beautiful town in the central coastal part of the country. I’m old enough to remember when it was almost impossible to get a hold of avocados in Southeast Asia. Then came the avocado toast and the rest is history…

We lived on the outskirts of Hoi An for about a month and though we ate our dinners at a few different places around the neighborhood, breakfast was always something we made at the apartment.

I am slowly nursing my way back to healthy living again after what seems to be several months of extensive intemperance (again). It’s been a fun ride, for sure. But at 60, the physical and mental recovery time is increasingly wearing and tearing.

I got up early today and weighed whether or not to go to the gym or take a run along the beach. The weather conditions were optimal, so I chose the latter. It was a super-slow jog, yet I still somewhat miraculously managed to run 12.5k. I’ve been paying the price all day with pain in just about every joint and every limb. But the jog certainly helped disperse the clouds hovering above me and I’ve gotten a lot done today.