Back on Track

As interesting and inspiring as these last couple of trips have been, I have not been taking as much care of myself as I should have. I try to pick hotels that offer yoga classes, or, at the very least, has a sizeable fitness room or balcony where I can practice on my lonesome. It’s not as if I don’t get any exercise at all if I can’t practice. I do. Last week’s visit to Palma was one long walkabout where Timmy and I averaged 10k/day.

This morning was my first proper Qi Gong/Yoga session in over two weeks. For a stiff guy my age, a hiatus that long is, if not devastating, certainly detrimental. The great thing about yoga is that it’s so wonderfully forgiving. There’s plenty of variables within most poses to help ease your body back into a more fluid, flexible state. And where the body goes, the mind ineluctably follows.

The majestic palm tree above is from the Seychelles. More from that trip can be viewed here.