Prison Hotel Långholmen in Stockholm

Back from Stockholm

Back again in Malmö from what turned out to be a splendid weekend in Stockholm. One of the highlights was a two-hour kayaking tour with buddy Henry around the island where the converted prison we were staying at was located.

During our three-night stay at this nicely refurbished, perfectly located prison, I pondered the history of pain and suffering that must have occurred within its cell rooms and other parts of the correctional facility. It made me consider the ethical implications of repurposing such institutions. In two hundred years, would it be acceptable to transform Auschwitz or any other concentration camp into a resort?

In its heyday, the Colosseum in Rome, aka The Flavian Amphitheatre, was an arena of severe brutality, showcasing among other spectacles, gladiatorial fights for the sheer enjoyment of Roman citizens until the early 5th century AD. Though not currently a hotel or resort, the Colosseum stands as one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing over 7 million visitors annually.