Yoga and Divine Accidents

I am a true believer in “divine accidents”, a phrase coined by Orson Wells which means that unforeseen events can bring forth interesting outcomes.

Such was the case yesterday morning during a shoot with the formidable yoga instructor Louise Hedberg. Shortly after I had launched the drone, achieved good height and started filming, a bus load of elderly, colorfully clad but boisterous Chinese tourists arrived on the deck at Scaniabadet. The above angle of Louise was my only option to not include the visitors from the Far East in the shot.

A thought crossed my mind once I landed the drone and stowed it way in my camera bag while waiting for the crowd to leave the scene. Not only was the DJI Mavic made in China, so was likely everything else in my bag, on my back and in my pocket (where my phone was). In fact, the only thing manufactured in Europe was my old wristwatch. And the Polish tourists that arrived about a half an hour after the Chinese had moved on.