Wired Chaos

Wired for Chaos
Chaos has been an essential, no, fundamental part of my existence for as long as I can remember. As much as I appreciate the benefits of structure and organization in my life, it is within the infinitely elastic boundaries of the unpredictable that I feel the most energized and creatively inspired. Perhaps this makes more sense if I exchange “chaos” for “impromptu”. As I’ve posted about before, serendipity is the womb where much of my creativity resides until it’s ready to be born and expressed.

I discovered the above open telecom utility box earlier today in Bangkok’s Saladeng district, not far from Lumpini Park. I felt a sort of kinship with it. Structured, organized, and functional – yet still so chaotic that it’s hard to comprehend how it’s not in a constant flux of being dysfunctional and short-circuiting.