klipporna i bohuslän

A Long Midsummer Weekend

This was my view last night at about 10:00 pm on the island of Tjörn. We’re still coasting along the spectacularly beautiful Swedish west coast after celebrating Midsummer’s Eve thoroughly with old friends and several new acquaintances. This turned out to be a good way to distract our minds from our traditional Midsummer venues in Vejbystrand.

As a teenager and young tween, I spent significant time sailing, hiking and camping in the archipelago of Bohuslän. First as a scout leader and then with friends. We’d borrow or rent a sizable boat and sail between islands, islets, and coastal villages where we’d anchor for the night and with some luck, find a boat party to crash.

I haven’t sailed in quite a while and like a lot of stuff from yesteryear, I miss it. The last time I was part of a “crew” was in San Diego Bay during a lavish press trip. I spent a full day of match racing on one of two giant boats that had previously been part of the America’s Cup competitive sailing circuit.

Even counting all the amazing places I’ve been fortunate to have experienced so far, Bohuslän maintains its stable pole position as one of a handful of places I can’t get enough of and always look forward to returning to. At least in the summertime.

This year, I’m supporting Charlotte with visuals from a few choice destinations on the islands of Tjörn and Orust.