Unique Blast from the Past
Here are a few film clips with the woman who was the very prerequisite for my life, namely my mother.
It’s been 40 years since she passed and a while ago, I found an episode on Youtube of an American game show from the late 1950s where she was one of two contestants. At the recording of this show, my mother was 28 years old, which is roughly half as old as I am today.
Seeing my mother at this young age and hearing her relatively young and tender voice was, to say the least, strange. Especially considering that our relationship at the end of her life had completely imploded. The delightful, affectionate tone she has on the TV show is something I have absolutely no recollection of. On contraire.
At the same time, I’ve felt something almost cathartic watching my mother at a time in her life when she radiated so much life, energy, and beauty. Which, in many ways, is the diametrical opposite of my visual and audible memories of her.

My mother was baptized Solveig Andersson and came from Järns parish in Dalsland, Sweden. Like so many young and adventurous Scandinavians after WWII, she ventured out into the world where the grass was rumored to be much, much greener.

Through work as a nurse in London and New York, my mother eventually ended up in Los Angeles where she spent a few years trying her luck and talent as an actress in Hollywood.
It was during this period that she came to participate in Groucho Marx’s popular TV show, “You Bet Your Life” under the stage name, Ina Anders. Four years after the episode was aired in 1963, I was born. The rest is, as they say, history.