Travel Map 2022

Travel Map 2022

Here’s my travel map for 2022. It’s significantly longer than 2021 which in turn was more extensive than 2020.

Most of these trips have been linked to the Resurfaced Art Project. But I would be disingenuous if I didn’t admit that since the pandemic tapered off, I’ve become even more addicted to new travel experiences. Which might be a reflection of my inability to find “zen” at home. But it could also be that I don’t see why I should refrain from traveling. Aside from the environmental aspect, of course.

At the beginning of the year, I told myself that there were three things that would keep me from seeking out new places or returning to familiar destinations:

1. Health issues
2. Political hindrances
3. Financial woes

All three continue to be relevant potential perils – but so far, knock on wood, none have kept me from traveling.

I’ve mostly been to destinations with a warm climate, which has definitely helped stave off arthritic pains and aches. Together with Rinvoq, the medication I’m taking right now, I’ve been more or less asymptomatic since early November.

Obviously, the political situation in the world continues to worry. But so far, the war in Europe, as idiotic and tragic as it is, is still contained and doesn’t threaten travel in the rest of the world. At least not so far. I had a dinner discussion last night with a seasoned journalist friend about the Russia-Ukraine war and neither of us could come up with a probable or possible outcome. It’s a real deadlock.

Financially, well, things could be both a lot worse and a whole lot better. I’ve learned to be a frugal traveler and with just a few exceptions, most places I’ve visited in 2022 have not been excruciatingly costly.

Where to go in 2023? Who knows. I would love to revisit rural Japan, go skiing in Bulgaria or Georgia, do some charity work in India, go on a long hike in Madeira, surf the waves of Cornwall, and finally see the icebergs in Greenland. We shall see what the new year has in store.

Take a look at some of my travel photos from the past year right here.