Tonight’s Dinner: Pad Thai Tofu

Just had to share tonight’s dinner, a homemade Pad Thai Tofu dish that tasted exactly as splendid as it looks. I had kindly requested that Pak Chi Farang (Long Leaf Coriander or, Sawtooth Coriander) would be added to the meal. And then all I had to do to get it exactly where I wanted it to be spice-sour-sweet-wise, was to sprinkle a few generous pinches of chili flakes and squeeze some zest from a half a lime over those crushed peanut covered noodles and I was good to go. As the homestay’s “resident photographer”, I’ve kinda taken it upon myself to document each and every meal my gracious host serves me (with my iPhone, so it’s a little bit of challenge). Tonight’s dish was extraordinarily photogenic.