Time to Ramble On

Nearing the end of my 20 session, two week intensive Qigong course. It’s indisputably been a challenge, both physically and mentally. Most of the other participants are already instructors or heading that way. So, I’ve been practicing together with quite an esteemed troop – which in turn has provided me with the opportunity to learn and understand the foundation of Medical Qigong at a much deeper level than what most new arrivals are privy to. Learning by doing has always been my life’s motto and so I feel very excited about returning home with a mind full of mindful Qigong knowledge.

Now, I’ve only scratched the surface and will need oodles of hours practicing and additional guidance to absorb and integrate what I have learned to eventually reap the benefits of Medical Qigong. But the journey has most certainly begun. The question is, is there, or, rather, can there ever be an end to this path I’ve stepped onto? Probably not.

The above photo is from just outside my homestay, Stay with Brite. I still don’t know exactly where the house is located (even if I look it up on a map). But it can’t be all that far from Chiang Mai airport, now can it?
I’m going to be genuinely sad about leaving this place. After these two very pleasant weeks with the genuine Thai family at Stay with Brite, I will definitely consider “homestay” as a sensible option when I want to get away from the often superficially, antiseptic hotel experiences. That said, I am kinda looking forward to checking in at the roomy “aparthotel” I’ve got lined up for my few days in Krung Thep. Time to ramble on…