The Emperor’s New Icicles

These beautiful icicles were hanging from one of a half dozen or so “chalets” located at the lift stations on the slopes of the Pirin Mountains. That’s where we’re currently skiing.

None of these places offer a view of the peak of Vihren with its staggering height of 2914 meters. You get pretty close to it once you’ve reached the very top lift station at 2500 meter. But all provide a decent lunch menu and a relatively cozy (faux Swiss Alps) atmosphere.

My only qualm about these places is the crappy and deafening loud Eurodisco they play non-stop. It’s a classic example of The Emperor’s New Clothes and we’re all complicit in this musical crime. Cause if no one says anything, the assumption is that the shitty music is actually appreciated. I feel sorry for the restaurant staff and old folks like us. But the icicles were nice.