dark side of the moon

The Dark Side of Perpetual Limbo

I shot this a couple of weeks ago using a 600mm lens. The visual reference to Pink Floyd’s paradigmatic record, “Dark Side of the Moon” is given. At least to me it is. Especially now as we’re at the frontend of this weird year’s darkest months – figuratively and literally.

Several countries around the world have recently begun imposing new lockdowns and travel restrictions. I presume that the sense of fatigue many of us already feel from the limitations the pandemic has caused will likely increase over the next few months while we hope/pray/beg for those sweet better times to return.

Close friends have recently been infected with the virus, but are, fortunately, at least this far, asymptomatic. Charlotte and I got an antibody test a few weeks ago. Both of our test results were negative which made me wonder if a) we may have been infected but the antibodies had already left our bodies, or, b) the test results were false negative. Either way, like billions of other Earthlings, we are still caught in a perpetual “Covid Limbo”.

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