The Best of Västra Hamnen

I’ve been filming our neighborhood, the area called Västra Hamnen here in Malmö, for about five years. More frequently during the last couple, probably because filming from a drone adds spectacular perspectives and arguably, at least when done right, a cinematic quality that has previously been more or less unattainable for the average Joe.

I didn’t count the total number of clips in this “showreel”, but there’s certainly a tidy bunch. I’ve used just about every camera I’ve owned in recent memory to capture these scens, including, Leica, Sony, Canon, Fuji, Gopro, iPhone and as just mentioned, a drone (DJI).

We’re about to shove off and I’m still weighing what gear to bring and what to leave behind. With a history of serious GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), I could easily fill an addition 25kg suitcase with “good-to-have-stuff”. But that’d be too much of a physical penalty to endure.

So, I’m now in a state of perpetual packing and unpacking, figuring out what really qualifies as essential equipment, tools that make telling a story as simple and straightforward as possible. Things that let me take advantage of both spontaneous ideas (i.e. creative whims) and planned projects. In my heart of hearts, I already know that my now horribly outdated but still quite useful iPhone Xs Max will suffice just fine in most cases and definitely for filming. For projects that come about and demand some “heavy lifting”, I’ll have the extremely capable and reliable Fuji XT3 and the formidably stabilized and waterproof Gopro 7 in my camera bag.