Cabin Life in Zadar

A wonderful shot of us in front of our rented cabin at the Falkensteiner Premium Campsite by friend and Community Manager Forrest Stilin. Just back in Sweden after a few weeks of remote working via Grab a Home in Zadar, a scenic seaside city in western Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. Crossed paths with several interesting fellow coworkers from around the world and thoroughly enjoyed the off-season experience. Even held a couple of energizing Qigong sessions for community members on the beach.

Coincidentally, today is the 25th anniversary of our meeting for the very first time in Göteborg, Sweden back in 1996. It’s been nothing short of an amazing adventure ever since and I feel humbled when I consider how great our lives have turned out thus far. Far greater than either of us could have imagined at the onset and probably better than what each of us could have managed on our own.

Charlotte and I have always had traveling as our highest priority. Together, we’ve visited, as well as experienced living, in many amazing places around the world. And yet, somehow, within our adventures, we’ve also both managed to have two relatively successful careers and raised Elle, our beautiful daughter, who’s now creating an interesting storyline on her own.