Yoga & Qigong

I made this collage for a client a while ago. I used a bunch of photos from different yoga shoots in the old studio (the one next to Turning Torso in Malmö) and then removed the white background in order to create silhouettes of the model which I then added color to.

Now that the sun rises so early, I have no problem waking up at the crack of dawn. My new studio is the smallest I’ve had yet but it is still roomy enough to allow me to practice every yoga pose and Qigong movement I know of. When in Lund, depending on the room I am assigned at the hotel and because I never bring my yoga mat, I stick to a half-hour or forty minutes of intense Qigong.

Charlotte was still asleep when I returned energized and ready to take on the day’s projects. I’m still amazed at how much energy I enjoy after an hour of Qigong and Yoga. I hope to soon be able to practice outdoors on the deck. Or, somewhere in the meadow.

December Yoga

A third in and already December’s been a busy month. It’ll naturally taper off as we near the holidays. But so far, I’ve delivered a short n’ snazzy PR-film, helped redesign of client’s landing page, documented two hotels, worked on half dozen or so new paintings in the studio and written a couple posts here and elsewhere.

Most importantly, and quite frankly a prerequisite for anything and everything I do at this stage in life, is maintaining a reasonably healthy diet and a training regimen that is congruous with my workload and life situation.

Last week, I hit the yoga and qigong mat for a total of six hours and I’m convinced this helped offset some of the stiffness I usually experience this time of year when temperatures and humidity tend to fluctuate dramtically.

I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am for having yoga and qigong in my life. And for finally appreciating how important it is to keep a holistic perspective when making decisions about work, family, food and exercise.

I shot the selfie above on a scorching hot rooftop in Bangkok a few months back during Bikram yoga session.

Yoga by Louise

I shot this for Health & Training Academy and Kockum Fritid in December. I’ve been a fan of Louise Hedberg’s yoga classes since day one. She’s soft spoken and has a really smart pedagogical way of getting you to challenge yourself. I’m still struggling with some of the tougher poses, cow face and I will likely never be BFF, but I’m still hopeful for the crow pose.


These silhouettes are part of a series of studio shots I took of the extremely elastic model and yoga enthusiast Tora about a year ago.

I was intrigued by the beauty of yoga and had started brooding with the idea that practising yoga and Qi Gong together regularly might actually prove to provide me with physical flexibility (and energize my mind) without overstraining my body in the process. The ultimate equilibrium.

I’m nowhere where I want to be, hope to be, someday. And needless to say my poses aren’t nearly as refined and visually appealing as Tora’s. But I’m now at a point where only a few of the basic poses are still really hard to achieve.

So it’s unequivocally clear to me that I’m heading in the right direction.


Just passed November. What a month! As per usual this time of year, I’ve got a ton of stuff going on. The month began with a short culturally focused trip to London with my daughter Elle after which I kicked off a huge book project for a new client, Malmö Opera.

The Christmas themed video commercial and campaign stills I produced for yet another new client, Nobina/Skånetrafiken, was launched and is now achieving a ton of attention. I also managed to fit in a couple of interesting location shoots during November for Finja Prefab – yet another new client – as part of a long-term assignment to replenish their image bank.


Tora Rosenkjaer

In the studio, I’ve had an assortment of smaller, personal projects that are now in various stages of completion – including a whole new series of silhouettes and yoga themed visuals – including a series from when the extremely talented and almost unbelievably flexible model Tora Rosenkjaer visited the studio a few weeks back.

Luckily, and certainly subconsciously, I’ve been slowly progressing towards some kind of equilibrium or symmetry between my seemingly insatiable apatite for creative challenges and inability to rein myself in from working precariously close to a physical and mental fizzle.

As the year is coming to an end, I happy that my training regimen has been fairly consistent. I’ve become more and more dependent/addicted to fueling my often times excessive workload with regular infusions of endorphins, an increase of sleep and healthier grub.

Soon in my second year, I’m still sticking to the pescatarian/vegetarian diet the family and I embarked on a while back. Though I once in a while miss sinking my teeth into a juicy Hungarian sausage, a charred beef and wolfing down a Nathan’s mustard and relish covered hot dog, it’s not even close to as hard as I initially thought it would be.