Cherry Trees in Stockholm

Short visit to Stockholm for the biannual Affordable Art Fair. On my way from the train station I walked through Kungsträdgården, a popular urban park where a few dozen cherry trees were in full bloom and photographed by hundreds of locals and tourists.

We have plenty of cherry trees in Skåne, but when I noticed that quite a few of those capturing the trees ephemeral splendor were from Asia, I was reminded of a visit to Tokyo during April many moons ago when the sakura trees were flowering.

Sakura Flowers in Tokyo vs Vejbystrand

This morning, after her run, my Qigong/Yoga workout and our scrambled eggs on toast breakfast with Vietnamese coffee, Charlotte exclaimed, “the first place we’re going to travel to when all this is over, is Japan”.

I couldn’t have agreed more with her.

Our first visit to Tokyo was about this time of year. Elle was about 5 or six years old at the time and we fell in love with the Japanese capital. During our two week stay, Tokyo’s Sakura trees blossomed and because the flowers were not quite as pink as they are here in Vejbystrand (where the above shot was taken a few days ago), it kinda looked like the cherry trees were covered in a thick layer of snow.