Indian in Malmö

I’ve been in Malmö for 24 hours to meet with Joanna and Rikard, long-time clients (whom, like most of my clients, are also good friends) at their new restaurant Utbåtshallen to see if a giant print of one of my images could add to the milieu. I think we came up with an idea that could do just that spectacularly.

For dinner last night, I ate at the relatively new Indian restaurant Kontrast Ghee by the Sea in Västra Hamnen with Tommy, an old friend.

Admittedly, I am not an expert on Indian food. I’ve been to India a half dozen times and even spent a few weeks surfing in Sri Lanka. So I certainly enjoy eating Indian cuisine – not nearly as much as I lust for Japanese or Mexican dishes. Still, it’s definitely on my Top 5 list of favorites. Is it above or below Greek food on that list? Not sure.

Anyway, the meal I shared with my pal last night was absolutely superb. Not only that, but the table service too was on par with what I’m used to experiencing from the subcontinent. Snappy yet casual in a welcoming, easy-going way. Highly recommend a meal there.

Stayed once again at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live where spectacular views, a super comfy bed, and a giant, sumptuous breakfast buffet continue to make me look forward to every visit.

Summer Setting

Back in Vejbystrand again where the days are slowly getting shorter and the nights seem darker, somehow.

It’s only a matter of time now before fall is upon us with shifting colors, cooler winds and less gardening. I hand-mowed the giant lawn here this afternoon and finished just minutes before it started pouring.

The cows are still here. Don’t know for how long, though. Will we ever see them again? Sadly, the next time might be in the meat section at our local supermarket.

I have an art show in Malmö in less than a month. Thinking of showings some of my most amusing “cowtraits”. Like the one above.

Short Visit: Malmö

Back in Malmö for a stint. Found a place with a great view. A vantage point I’ve not been privy to before. Strangely, it feels good to be back here. Meet with friends, eat from a wider selection, and just have more options. After six months as a country boy, I kinda miss city life.


A friend passed away yesterday. I don’t know if it’s too early to write about it. Maybe it is. But since Lars died from complications related to Covid-19, at least part of my inclination to post about this today is to remind you, dear reader, that we still need to be careful and accept that the pandemic is still lingering and is still a threat. Please be careful.

This is the view from my room (1401) at Quality Hotel View in Hyllie, Malmö.

Lovin’ The Root Fruit

Shot this crate of root fruit sometime last September during my outdoor exhibit “Malmö Upside Down”. The exhibit was immensely popular and a fun show to produce – in the midst of a large public garden in Malmö’s Slottsträdgråden. I’ve not always enjoyed eating root fruit. But I’ve enjoyed it tremendously for the past five years, which is about when I stopped eating meat and bird.

Malmö from Above

Here’s a collection of footage shot over some of my favorite places in Malmö during the spring, summer and fall of 2018. Turned out that capturing decent, dare I say cinematic quality film from a drone wasn’t nearly as hard as I first thought.

Unsurprisingly, much of the same techniques and considerations apply as when filming on the ground. The biggest challenge, at least as I see it, is achieving useful compositions at heights of up to 120 meters within the time constraints of the batteries ability to keep the aircraft afloat.

How to take drone photos

I often get the question, isn’t hard to fly a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles), let alone take drone photos that are commercially and artistically viable? Whether you like it or not, drone photography is here to stay. I’ve unmistakably embraced this enabling technology and saw the creative opportunities as soon as it appeared on my horizon.

My first drone shot was taken probably about 10 years ago when I hired a fella here in Malmö (whom had built his own drone) to fly roughly at the same height as Turning Torso. I’ve since taken several images – via drones – that have eventually been used as covers for my book series about Västra Hamnen and delivered countless photos and videos to clients.

The real trick to really good drone photos isn’t always to climb up as high as possible. That kind of shot is an instant give-away, if you ask me. You look at it and go, well, that’s obviously an aerial shot, big deal. I my opinion, the key to a really good drone capture is the sweet spot when it’s almost impossible to discern how a particular perspective was achieved. A uniuque view that’s somewhere in-between what could be shot from the ground but is just a little too high. In addition to the subject matter, the composition and color array, I also want the viewer to appreciate the angle – and in the case with the above image, some might even think it was taken from a treetop.

Malmö Live Night

From last night above a small bridge near Malmö Live, the hotel,conference and concert hall of Malmö’s Symphony Orchestra.

It’s all about finding the sweet spot between light and dark. That’s what I keep telling myself each time I head out after sunset with the drone to capture a few photographs that are within the dynamic range and light sensitivity of its relatively small camera sensor. With just a little tweaking in Lightroom, only to remove some slight graininess, most images turn out to be very clean and usable.


Malmö. I shot the scene yesterday through a wireless remote control unit that connected me to the lens of a really, really small camera hovering steadily about 105 meters straight above me.

The live view over Malmö was spectacular and I used up most of the juice in my drone’s battery to compose an image that felt just right. Aside from the gorgeous light and beautiful green spring hues, the photo encapsulates three of my favorite landmarks; Malmö Castle (where Elle and I spent many, many weekends when she was a toddler), the skyscraper Kronprinsen (that arguably has almost boringly simplistic architectural design that would hardly be noteworthy in a city like New York, but is unique here in Malmö and therefor interesting) and the magnificent Öresund Bridge (which thankfully makes leaving from and arriving back to Malmö so much easier). More images from Malmö here.

Malmö Live

Kan tyvärr inte visa den senaste kortfilmen som jag producerat åt gänget på Clarion Malmö Live. Den ligger i embargo fram till julafton. Men så bilden ovan togs vid ungefär samma tidpunkt som filmens slutvinjett spelades in. Under inspelningen fick jag smakprov på och insyn i hur gigantiskt det här projektet är. Är definitivt ingen expert på konserthus, men av det jag såg igår kväll, kommer Malmös nya musikcentra att bli riktigt mäktig. Återkommer när filmen släppts.

iPhone 6

Skrev häromdagen på ett nytt företagsavtal med Telia och passade på att byta upp mig från iPhone 5 till iPhone 6. Har kvar den gamla telefonen och redan nu känns den liten och föråldrad. Märkligt hur snabbt man vänjer sig vid sexans större skärm. Visst, den nya modellen är snabbare, har 4G och ny design

Men det är kameran och videoinspelningarna som imponerar mest. Den fenomenala bildkvalitén börjar närma sig kommersiell användning. Och att kunna filma High Definition i 240fps på en mobiltelefon är nästan ogreppbart. Filmen ovan är från en stormig men vacker solnedgång här i Västra Hamnen för några dagar sedan. Allt är filmat på frihand och stabiliserade i efterhand i Final Cut Pro X.

Med hjälp av en app kan iPhone 6 spela in 4k – men det lär vara standard  i nästa modell. Undra vilken upplösning iPhone 9 kommer att ha…6k?