Film Title Fanatics Rejoice!

Just stumbled onto this amazing site. For years, I’ve been wondering about why someone hasn’t created a destination fully dedicated to the art of film titles. A site where I would find the beautifully scary title sequence – designed by legendary title master Richard Greenberg – to one of my all-time favorite sci-fi films, Alien (the original installment).

My daughter finds this part of any film incredibly boring and unnecessary – while I know that done right, a film’s intro can often set the stage for what is to come. Done wrong (which is often the case) I fully agree with her. Initiating a film with bad typography coupled with an unsuitable music score is like entering a really ugly hotel lobby. Done right, a thoughtful and artistically executed title sequence becomes essential and integral to the film itself. Not unlike a book cover. Cause first impressions last. Check out some cool film titles here.