New Art Show

Looking forward to the weekend’s new Art Show. I haven’t had a “proper” art show since 2019, shortly before we left for Hoi An. I actually had two back-to-back exhibits that fall. For this show, I’m going to exhibit some of my most popular motifs from Västra Hamnen printed on aluminum (Dibond) and on fine art paper. I’ll also have a few of my books for sale.

Where: Kockum Fritid
When: Saturday & Sunday 17-18 September 09:00-14:00

Summer Setting

Back in Vejbystrand again where the days are slowly getting shorter and the nights seem darker, somehow.

It’s only a matter of time now before fall is upon us with shifting colors, cooler winds and less gardening. I hand-mowed the giant lawn here this afternoon and finished just minutes before it started pouring.

The cows are still here. Don’t know for how long, though. Will we ever see them again? Sadly, the next time might be in the meat section at our local supermarket.

I have an art show in Malmö in less than a month. Thinking of showings some of my most amusing “cowtraits”. Like the one above.