Artist’s Statement

For the past five years, I have been working on a project called “Resurfaced”. The purpose of the project is to create compositions of public spaces that I discover around the world. Surfaces that most people barely notice, especially when the space is so cluttered with communication that each posting becomes fragmented, and, ultimately an abstraction of its original intended message. This is when I see something else emerge: a unique artifact.
Each of my compositions has four dimensions; length, height, depth – and time. Time? Yes, because the public space where I made the discovery is constantly changing.

Over time, what caught my attention and inspired me to create the composition will be influenced by the introduction of new elements, physical or meteorological, which will inevitably generate completely or partially new compositions.

I am particularly fascinated by surfaces with fragments of printed material, such as public announcements, concerts, and event posters, social and political manifestos, lost and found notes, etc.

Many of my compositions have multiple layers of prints, paint, erosion, cracks, and repairs. Sometimes the texts or images on these surfaces are barely legible, which makes them both abstract and enigmatic.
Clearly, there is a socio-archaeological dimension to this project. 
When I discover a surface that demands to be composed, it almost always happens during a serendipitous walk through a city. Although there is always a structure in every project I work on, the truly creative magic appears when I embrace unpredictability.

October 1, 2021


Joakim Lloyd Raboff