• Artist’s Statement

    Resurfaced Number 44(x)


For the past several years, I have been working on a project called “Resurfaced”. The purpose of the project is to create compositions of what is unintentionally produced by the urban collective in several European countries, including Sweden, Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, and Georgia.

Each photograph captures a portion of a publicly accessible surface that over time has become so cluttered with communication, that each individual posting evolves into fragmented, and, ultimately, enigmatic abstractions.

A unique artifact emerges.

Each composition has four dimensions; length, height, depth – and time. Time? Yes, because the public space where the discovery was made is constantly evolving.

Over time, what initially caught my attention and inspired me to create a composition, will inevitably be influenced by the introduction of new elements, physical or meteorological, which will generate completely different or, at least partially new compositions.

I am particularly fascinated by surfaces with multiple layers of printed material, such as public announcements, concerts, shows and event posters, social and political manifestos, lost and found notes.

To me, these layered, enigmatic artifacts, collectively created on public surfaces, are clear evidence that our need to communicate offline in our urban landscape continues.

December, 2021


Joakim Lloyd Raboff