Truth be told, nothing symbolizes my current life quest as much as the morning smoothies I assemble for the family. Much of the ingrediens I use have documented anti-inflammatory properties with ensuing health benefits. Not that each shake magically adds years to our lives, but over time, I am absolutely convinced that they can help decelerate environmentally and/or genetically provoked virulent processes.

On a social level, the recipe isn’t as easy to put together. Preemptively sieving projects and collaborations with high odds of being futile, as opposed to fertile – or, even deleterious, is still something I need to work on. From time to time, my penchant for creativity still camouflages – even effectively hides – the self-evident from me. And the unavoidable echo-chamber that derives from the fercency does the rest…until…KA-BOOM!

Back to the smoothie.

Here’s what went into this morning’s spontaneous amalgamation:
Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Beetroot, Coconut, Spinach, Coconut flakes, Sunflower seeds, Vanilla, Banana, Almonds, Needless to say, all ingrediens were organic. Much of it purchased at and shipped from Amazon UK.