Resurfaced: Yellowstoner

Resurfaced: Yellowstoner and Mista Love’s Love of the Leaf
I’m now back in Sweden, struggling to retain some kind of normalcy from the usual grueling jet lag.

“Yellowstoner” is a new artifact captured along Sunset Boulevard a few days ago. I discovered it on a wall not far from one of the city’s many marijuana dispensaries.

After returning to Los Angeles for the first time since recreational cannabis use was legalized (not federally, but statewide), I was taken aback by how often I smelled “the weed” on the streets of Los Angeles. It must be weird to be a law enforcement officer today and no longer be allowed to investigate suspected marijuana users serendipitously.

When I was at Bancroft Junior High School in Hollywood back in the late 1970s, among the 9th graders, there was no shortage of prolific stoners and you’d smell the herb practically everywhere on the school’s campus. I remember how my math teacher, the always soft-spoken Mr. Love, would often reek of ganja as he entered the classroom ever so mellow before attempting to teach us geometry and algebra. Mr. Love had large, gold-shaded glasses, hiding what was likely a pair of bloodshot, slightly foggy eyes. If he’s still alive today, I’m convinced Mr. Love is enjoying this new ganja-friendly era.