Resurfaced in Trafaria: Volkswagon Bus

Resurfaced in Trafaria: Ancient Volkswagon Bus Type 2

Here’s another interesting find from my visit to Trafaria the other day. A VW Transporter Type 2.

If you’re my age, or, at least thereabouts, there’s a decent chance you’ll remember the old VW bus like the one above. There’s a new, all-electric model available these days, but from a design perspective, I think it looks shallow when compared with the original. I’m guessing the above abandoned VW Transporter Type 2 was made sometime in the 1960s or 1970s.

The house where the bus was permanently parked was in itself intriguing. I couldn’t determine if someone was still living there or not. There were some telltale signs that the building wasn’t completely deserted, but through a side window into what I am guessing was just one of several bathrooms, I saw a dove or pigeon walking undisturbed on the black and white tiled floor. Near the VW bus were two other vehicles, but both were entirely covered with tarpaulin.

In my younger years, I might have climbed the fence and walked through the house to see if there were any salient clues as to why such a beautiful house had been abandoned.