Resurfaced Hanging Around

Resurfaced: Hanging Around

Here’s a new version of a previously published Resurfaced artifact from Krakow, Poland captured last year.

Looking at the piece made me think of all stuff going on in the world right now. At this stage, I’m a relatively seasoned navigator when there’s a global crisis. My main strategy is to just not get too absorbed or too involved, and, most importantly, to remember that throughout human history, there has always been a bunch of crisis. That’s kind of our specialty. At least since we became such a dominent force on the planet.

And while the media tries really hard to grab my attention by sensationalizing anything it can, I find that focusing less on all of what I am being fed is probably the best way for me to remain sane. I totally empathize with those in the midst of war, famine and poverty, but I have to be rational with my emotional “investments”.

All that said, I do check the Guardian and the New York Times several times a day, but never any of the tabloids or online news channels. Too much sensationalizing. I am a daily viewer of David Letterman’s and Jimmy Kimmel’s excellent Youtube channels, for some well-needed comic relief.

But no matter how hard I try to avoid getting sucked into the flow of negative news, it’s impossible to not see how much shit is hitting the fan right now. Funny, I was convinced that once Humpty Trumpty left office, things would slowly but surely go back to “normal”. That even the threat of climate change would somehow magically fade away. Instead, we have a different madman from the east wrecking havoc, trying to divide and conquer the world. And now new variants of the coronavirus are steadily popping up and while currently quiet, I’m pretty sure Greta will soon remind us of the imminent threat caused by global warming.

From a zoomed out perspective, I think this is an increasingly interesting time to be alive. To be hanging around.