Creating beautiful books about places and people is an endeavor that I feel goes beyond mere words and images—it’s a celebration of the human experience and my homage to moments in my life.

These books serve as windows to some of my world, inviting you to travel through pages and immerse yourself in the photographs and text they convey. Hopefully, my books will ignite your curiosity and wanderlust. By capturing the essence of a place or the spirit of a person, these books weave a connection between the reader and the subject, fostering empathy, understanding, and a deeper appreciation for diversity.

I believe that the act of creating books is an art form in itself. I’ve embarked on this journey many times now, meticulously curating both images and words into books filled with my visual and emotional experiences. In this digital age, these tangible artifacts stand as a testament to the enduring power of the printed medium.

To me, creating beautiful books about places and people has always been a labor of love. Each book I’ve produced renews my connection with the world and reminds me of the beauty that exists everywhere if you just look closely enough. It reminds me of our shared humanity, the diversity that enriches our lives, and the boundless creativity that springs forth from the human spirit.