Just passed November. What a month! As per usual this time of year, I’ve got a ton of stuff going on. The month began with a short culturally focused trip to London with my daughter Elle after which I kicked off a huge book project for a new client, Malmö Opera.

The Christmas themed video commercial and campaign stills I produced for yet another new client, Nobina/Skånetrafiken, was launched and is now achieving a ton of attention. I also managed to fit in a couple of interesting location shoots during November for Finja Prefab – yet another new client – as part of a long-term assignment to replenish their image bank.


Tora Rosenkjaer

In the studio, I’ve had an assortment of smaller, personal projects that are now in various stages of completion – including a whole new series of silhouettes and yoga themed visuals – including a series from when the extremely talented and almost unbelievably flexible model Tora Rosenkjaer visited the studio a few weeks back.

Luckily, and certainly subconsciously, I’ve been slowly progressing towards some kind of equilibrium or symmetry between my seemingly insatiable apatite for creative challenges and inability to rein myself in from working precariously close to a physical and mental fizzle.

As the year is coming to an end, I happy that my training regimen has been fairly consistent. I’ve become more and more dependent/addicted to fueling my often times excessive workload with regular infusions of endorphins, an increase of sleep and healthier grub.

Soon in my second year, I’m still sticking to the pescatarian/vegetarian diet the family and I embarked on a while back. Though I once in a while miss sinking my teeth into a juicy Hungarian sausage, a charred beef and wolfing down a Nathan’s mustard and relish covered hot dog, it’s not even close to as hard as I initially thought it would be.

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