Malmö Upside Down

New Show: Malmö Upside Down

From Saturday’s opening of my new show, Malmö Upside Down at the park (Slottsparken/Slottsträdgården) here in Malmö. We didn’t count all the visitors, but in addition to friends, family and others that had RSVP’d and said they were coming, I’d guesstimate another 150 people joined us. After a couple of weeks of more or less constant rainy weather, the sun showed up yesterday and provided great light and warmth reminiscent of the summer passed.

Of the exhibits I’ve ever had in recent years, I think yesterday’s went the smoothest. Maybe it’s accumulative experience or that I don’t let myself get stressed as much anymore. Probably a little bit of both. But I kid you not, it’s been a hitch-free production from start to finish. In no small way thanks to Master Gardener, Linnéa Dickson and my co-conspirator and wife, Charlotte.

It’s obviously unintentional, but I just realized that the acronym for my new exhibit Malmö Upside Down is MUD. As “mud” means damp soil and the exhibit’s venue is literally in a public garden/park and shows earth down perspectives of Malmö from sky-to-ground, the abbreviation is indeed quite fitting.