An acrylic painting by Joakim Lloyd Raboff

New Painting: UP 2023

Here’s a new 60 x 90 cm acrylic painting titled “UP 2023”. The conceptual idea stems from how ever deep we fall into life’s many and often seemingly treacherous crevasses, the only way out is up, up, UP!

In the 1980s, I painted with tubed oil colors and occasionally even dabbled in mixing and producing homemade phosphorous night-glowing paints. There are qualities of oil paint that acrylic can’t replicate – even when using a medium to increase viscosity. On the other hand, the fact that acrylic dries so insanely fast means I get to make changes with immediate visual effects instead of having to wait for a layer of oil paint to dry. Also, after ten years of oil painting, i can no longer stand the smell of turpentine and the thinner I used to clean brushes, tools, and hands is definitely off-limits.