My mother at 26

Earlier this evening, by sheer happenstance, I stumbled onto an episode of Groucho Marx’s classic series, “You Bet Your Life” from 1959 with my mother in it. She appears at 6:59 together with an elderly gentlemen.

I’ve always had a vague memory of hearing that she’d been in one of his game shows. But until today, I just wasn’t sure which.

Apparently, some heroic person has taken the time to upload all episodes and credit all of Groucho’s contestants. So after just a few clicks, there she was, a 26 year old Ina Solveig Anders (my mother’s stage name). I’ve not created it, but here’s her page at .

I haven’t heard my mother’s voice in almost 40 years, so watching her on a late 1950s TV show – more or less five years before I was born – was certainly strange, albeit exciting.

Elle was studying for a math test when I interrupted her with this news flash, but I have a feeling she’s going to revisit the show on her own time to see more of the obvious resemblance she shares with her grandmother.

I have no idea who the fellow she was competing with was. But he most certainly looked like he could have been her grandfather.