Cheese Doodles

Music For Painting


Here are a few tunes that I’ll typically hear during the course of a painting session. How long is a typical painting session, Joakim? Well, it can last anywhere from one to five, or at best six hours. It all depends on the flow. I realized at the onset that my return to drawing and painting my primary way of expressing myself creatively was going to take time. No illusions. But what’s super interesting is that once I think I’ve captured my painter’s mojo, it slips from my grip – if I’m not paying attention. This tells me that I need to focus less on other creative mediums and focus more on painting.

I don’t know exactly why I picked Cheese Doodles to illustrate this post. Possibly because I often use asymmetrical patterns and the color orange in my artwork. Both of which I associate with jazz music. Or, just because I happen to enjoy Cheese Doodles once in a while. Go figure.