morning dew

Medical Qigong & Detox

Got to the morning session a little early today and took a few photos around the clinic’s garden. It’s called a clinic because of the focus on benefits gained from learning and practicing the Chinese Medical Qigong system taught there.

Today a lovely couple in their 80s joined us for a few hours and I understood that both have been helped tremendously by practicing Qigong.

As part of this journey, I am detoxing from all kinds of deleterious habits. For one, there is very little stress in my life right now and I’m eating just about as healthy food as I can get my hands on. Just fruit and nuts during the morning and midday break, and then a sumptuous, hot meal for dinner after returning home. I drink plenty of water and a few rounds of green tea during my 5-6 hours at the clinic. But nothing stronger than that. It feels good to eat less and yet not feel hungry or be without energy. I can also tell that I’m slowly shaving off some of that “spare tire” I’ve been carrying around for a while.