Meanwhile, here in Sweden

Meanwhile, here in Sweden, the government seems, unfortunately, to have taken cues from Mr. Trump & Co and their devious corporate bailout strategy. It’s nothing short of a tragedy how Trump, nothing more than a guiltless grafter, has the gall to try stuff like this. He says he’s looking out for the workers of America – yet tries to push a bill that will inevitably ensure that corporations survive, including his own, while fired workers are left to fend for themselves, without severance, healthcare benefits or other ways to help manage life on the dole. Seriously, what is wrong with Trump? Has he no empathy whatsoever? How can a base of MAGA millions just put up with so much blustering, inflated crap time and time again without overdosing and finally coming to their senses? It really boggles my mind.

Someone recently tried to explain to me that this is the way life is and that I need to wake up from my liberal dreamland and accept it. The classic “survival of the fittest” defense strategy which argues why some must suffer while a chosen few get to enjoy lavish lives – without feeling even the slightest pinch of guilt. Have we as a species not evolved beyond hiding behind such ridiculous Darwinistic excuses? Or, isn’t this just how the privileged few, those cushioned through trust funds and generous inheritances often view the world and carry themselves with an aura of arrogance and self-important entitlement? It makes me sick.

The vast majority of people I admire and respect in the world are those that have created their own lives, been in charge of their destinies and humbled by both failures and victories. Without exception, these people, both close friends and distant role models, are all in total agreement that Trump is an evil person, a douche, a loathsome bully unworthy of the office he manipulated his way in to.

Yes, he certainly represents a large bulk of Americans that have been duped and, ultimately become insatiably mesmerized by his simplistic, albeit effective (but always vulgar and offensive), populist rhetoric. They know no better or care not to see through him. Some are surely even convinced that he is righteous, honest and genuine. But Trump is none of those things.

Yes, he is financially backed by many really smart (cynical and moralless) people with considerable wealth and who have “hired” him first and foremost as a defender of their fortunes and don’t mind at all that he is also always protecting and promoting his own business interests – instead of working selflessly for the country he is supposed to helm. To me, Trump is a caricature of a comic book menace, a villain that I hope will soon be replaced or forced to step down before things get too virus crazy.

Like in the US, Sweden’s small business owners have now also been totally screwed and abandoned by the government. And through a series of dubious decrees from the Ministry of Finance, commercial banks are only willing to provide short-term credit and small loans at steep interest rates and with preposterous surety bonds attached.

Sweden, the once so industrious and capable Scandinavian country admired by so many for its ability to balance universal healthcare, social welfare, and a largely successful private sector, is now incapacitated, paralyzed even, and heading straight for mass unemployment, an imploding healthcare system and ultimately, total depletion of political support for the sitting Social Democratic party.

As I write this, it’s bright and sunny outside. Spring is actually upon us. But on the horizon, dark, menacing clouds are slowly moving in. Darkness awaits. God help us.