Leica Q at La Boqueria

Not much of a candy eater these days, but the artificial coloring of this chewy confectionary at Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueriain market in the El Raval district of Barcelona was just too tempting not to get a shot of. Yes, I’m impressed with how versatile the Leica Q is. The sensor is super sensitive in lowlight conditions – which is great when you like me hesitate to push ISO beyond 100-200. I’ve shot a few times at ISO 3200 and if I didn’t have any alternative, I think I could make use of that setting too. Even more striking and noteworthy is how well the optical stabilization system performs at speeds that I’d previously never even consider working with.

Over the weekend in Spain, I shot quite a few frames of static objects at 1/30th of a second with perfect focus. There’s obviously some battery drain when using OIS, but I always carry plenty of extra batteries with me, so that’s not an issue. Focusing is fast too. Not as fast as my Canon 5Ds, but not that much slower. And at 10 frames per second, the Leica Q is actually twice as fast when shooting moving subjects.

I’m adjusting nicely to the 28 mm field of view. It’s an allround size that’s been great in Barcelona’s El Born neighborhood where there are mostly narrow alleys. As a first time Leica owner, I’m starting to understand some of the hype surrounding the brand. And I can definitely see how I could use the Q in professional circumstances.