In Transit: Duty Dippin’ Hummus

“Enjoying” a five hour long stop-over in the Middle East right now. After checking a couple of items within two entirely different product categories at two of the airport’s duty free stores, I was shocked to learn that they were actually more expensive here than in Sweden. What a joke Duty Free turned out to be! Not so Doody Free, after all.

Today, the sweetest deal you can get at almost any major airport is when you check into a lounge. Most international airports have public lounges that let you pay for access. That’s right, you don’t actually have to carry a fancy pancy card to enjoy the comfort of lounging for a few hours.  The lounge at this particular airport charges $40 – which includes comfortable seating, wifi, sandwiches, drinks (beer/soft drinks/coffee) and a small Mediterranean buffet with among other tasty treats, an amazing sesame flavored hummus.

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