I Feel for New York

I feel for New Yorkers. The population density has made it way too simple for the virus to spread across the city’s many neighborhoods and five boroughs. So far, our New York friends are fine and coping with the shutdown and self-imposed quarantine.

Like most destinations that I have returned to time and time again, New York has a very special place in my heart. Just looking at the 800+ photos I have from New York in my Lightroom catalog, paints a clear picture of how much I love the Big Apple. I’ve never lived there, not more than for two weeks at the most, but somehow, I’ve always felt that I would if I could. I was once very close to moving to New York, but that’s a long and complicated story.

I really hope that the way the virus has spread there isn’t an indicator of what things will be like when it hits other favorite cities like Cape Town, Bangkok, Havana, Athens and Istanbul. The above photo was shot from my balcony at The Paul, a tiny hotel not too far from the United Nations HQ where I was hired a few years ago by the Swedish Mission to the UN to showcase artic themed photos and a film during an international climate summit/conference.