How I spent my birthday

How I Spent My Birthday

After enjoying the family’s traditional birthday Champagne and strawberries in bed, the girls served up a tasty English breakfast, complete with baked beans, toast, sausages, eggs, and a decent brew of coffee.

Since the rain was pouring down, I went back to bed and took a long midday nap until it was time to go see Chris Nolan’s new epic film “Oppenheimer”.

I knew about the rave reviews but was still blown away by how riveting the storyline turned out to be and how excellent Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr, Emily Blunt, and Rami Malek were in their roles. Brilliant casting.

I’m suffering from a little Matt Damon fatigue, but his acting was nevertheless solid. Had totally forgotten that Gary Oldman, Kenneth Branagh, and Gustaf Skarsgård were also in this explosive movie.

After dinner, we ate a tasty, traditional British dinner at a pub housed in a hotel overlooking a cove where surfers were taking advantage of the evening’s last few swells.

As I’ve begun seeing it, being 60 is a privilege. When I was born in 1963, the average life expectancy of a man was just 66.6 years.

Today, it’s 81. But what’s even more important than living a long life is filling it with stuff that makes it worth living. Like family and friends. And today, my family (and my friends) celebrated me royally. So thankful. Especially for the many thoughtful presents I received from Charlotte, Elle and her grandparents, Allan and Agneta.