Heading For Another Freeze?

I saw this on a screen at an ATM recently. I am completely clueless as to what all those acronyms or code represent. But the System Freeze headline certainly grabbed my attention and demanded to be photographed.

I doubt the ATM’s inner workings had suffered a sudden drop in temperature. Instead, the money machine’s operating system (Windows NT or some other dysfunctional Microsoft product?) had broken and needed a reboot.

I recently watched this documentary about the housing and financial crisis of 2008 and how the US economy just about froze and spiraled completely out of control into what looked like an inveitable financial abyss.

A quick glance at the current astonishingly positive employment statistics potrays the US economy as stronger than ever. But there are a few issues not spoken about that worry me. Stuff that might not immediately cause a financial crisis like the most recent one, but still disconcerting since they don’t seem to be a conscious part of the Trump administration’s sprawling agenda.

• The government’s ginormous deficit has never been bigger and absolutely nothing is being done to reduce it. Raising debt ceiling is not a remedy. It’s a symptom of apathy.

• Nobody will argue that the country’s infrastructure is crumbling and desperately needs to be upgraded. A friend recently took a road trip from New Orleans to Los Anglees and was appalled by how poor the roads were during much of the ride. Lead leaking into ancient water pipes in Flynt and Newark are just two of the most publisized catastrophes where entire cities drinking water has been poisoned, in no small way due to unbelievable ignorance and negligence.

• Despite unemployment being record low, more than 8 million Americans still can’t (not even by a long shot) support themselves financially with a full-time job. Minimum wage is still way below what most folks need to survive. In Sweden, it’s $13.56/hour as compared with in the US where it’s $7.25/hour. That’s a friggin’ ridiculous difference. And if they can’t make ends meet when they’re healthy, what happens when they get sick?