British actor Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill in The Darkest Hour

From CPH-BKK on an Airbus 380: The Darkest Hour

I’d barely recovered from the flight to Copenhagen from L.A. and I’m now once again jet lagged beyond belief. As topsy-turvy as the next few days of existence here in Bangkok will inevitably be, it’s totally worth it. Existing in this wonderfully balmy weather, in a sea of spontaneous smiles and with an abundance of affordable dining opportunities on literally every street corner, is something I’ve been looking forward to since we left Asia (pre-pandemic) in early 2020.

We flew here in an Airbus 380, an insanely humongous flying vessel, and among the movies I saw was the excellent and eerily relevant film “The Darkest Hour”. While watching the cast’s outstanding performance in scenery easily on par with what is portrayed in Peter Morgan’s The Crown, I sipped through two tall gin & tonics, munched through a small bag of Emirate’s popcorn and though I’d seen it once before, badly wished for the epic movie never to end. I’ve been a fan of Gary Oldman’s work for a long time, at least since his 1994 roll in Léon: The Professional, along with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. I highly recommend watching Oldman in the Apple+ espionage show Slow Horses.

Above screen grab courtesy of Chinese (!) film finacers Perfect World Pictures.