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Frequency Machines: Lofty Promises vs Bullshit

Just read that a distant friend is using her social network to sell an expensive gadget that proclaims to heal all kinds of diseases and even slow down aging. According to what I’ve read about it, this miraculous machine accomplishes its healing capability by exposing the body’s cells to certain sound wave frequencies. A lot of her followers seem to be buying both her unscrupulous sales pitch and the costly machine she’s promoting for a quick fix to better health.

Early on when I started practicing and eventually teaching classes in Qigong, I made an effort to clarify that there would be no lofty promises of curing diseases or extending life. On the contrary, before every class, I made it very clear that the Qigong postures, movements, and breathing exercises that I teach, are simply an ancient form of gymnastics. Nothing more, nothing less.

If life has taught me anything about my well-being, its that there are no quick fixes when it comes to maintaining and/or improving my health. Eating good, mostly unprocessed food, getting a few good hours of exercise a week, striving for emotional balance and enjoying quality sleep are all key health factors that can stave off past sins and possibly reduce the threat of succumbing to genetically inherited diseases.

A fruity smoothie, just like the one above shot the other day at a fancy café, is certainly a nice treat. But it ain’t no elixir. Once again the old adage that if it sounds too good to be true, it’s likely just another sales pitch for cure-all snake oil, i.e. bullshit.