first impressions garden at la belle vue

First impressions at hotels

Here’s the first thing you see after entering through the gate at Le Belle Vue where we are staying for another night.

I check in to around 25-30 different hotels per year. I’m already at 19 for 2018 and it’s just August. I’m guessing it’ll be closer to 35 hotels before the year is over. I honestly don’t know anyone that sleeps in so many different beds as Charlotte and I do. None of which beat our crazy comfortable bed at home, I might add.

First impressions at hotels are important in all kinds of ways and situations. Especially in the hospitality industry – in which I’ve spent a significant amount of time, both working within and, for the past two decades, as a guest.

There’s an old saying that if your first impression of a hotel (or, a BnB for that matter) is good, you’ll enjoy the stay and overlook most shortcomings that might follow. Similarly, if your very first impression is miserable, it will take about 7 consecutive positive experiences to overcome that first negative one.

I certainly subscribe to this »theory« and therefore pay absurdly close attention to all visual and auditory input and cues during the first few minutes after arriving at a hotel. The beautiful garden installation above is a great example of how to visually manage the aforementioned crucial first impression. At least visually.