Air India Executive Class

Back in Malmö again after a rare ride in Air India’s Executive Class on a 787 Boeing Dreamliner from New Delhi. What I think most folks don’t know about traveling in business is the slew of perks that precede the comfy flight itself.

Once I’d paid for the upgrade at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, (at a reasonable cost of $550), I was Fast Tracked through Passport and Immigration Control and then sailed through Security without the slightest hitch. Because I have so much camera equipment in my carryon, I’m usually the guy that gets pulled over and has every pocket, zipper and pouch checked down to the last seam. Not so this time. The abundantly decorated uniformed security dude sitting at the monitor didn’t even look twice as my Think Tank roller passed through the x-ray machine on the conveyer belt. Considring the world’s current political situation, I was kinda disappointed that my bags (and others) weren’t more thoroughly checked. That said, I don’t know much about airport security and just hope one day, it’ll once again become a smoother process.

Through the hoops with flying colors 

Once I’d jumped through the aforementioned tedious hoops, it was upwards and onwards towards the Premium Lounge where an abundance of snacks, sumptuous Indian dishes and a plethora of aptly chilled adult beverages awaited.

As boarding time neared, I headed to the gate at the far end the terminal. Half way there, I flagged down one of those white electric cars that whisk about most large airports and enjoyed a comfortable ride to the aircraft.

While the hundred or so economy passengers stood patiently (and anxiously) in line to begin their journey to Copenhagen, I was gently ushered through the gate and onto the plane where two smiling and colorfully dressed fight attendants greeted and guided me to my plush Executive Class armchair. Oh, by the way, if you haven’t already deducted as much, Executive Class is Air India’s Business Class.

Old 747 vs New 787

I once flew in Executive Class on a Brittish Airlines 747 flight from Heathrow to San Diego and remember how wonderful it was to be able to adjust my chair to an almost 75% reclining position. Well, on this relatively new Boeing Dreamliner, the seat could not only be fully stretched out to accommodate my entire length (178cm), in an upright position, I also had the option of turning it into a massage chair!

I’m fascinated – in a nerdy kind of way – by the underlying technology that goes into designing airline seats. Especially those in First and Executive Class.

After take-off, the few of us in the Executive Class cabin were served a choice of meals. Now, most folks consider airplane food to to be just barely editable. For the last five or six years, Charlotte has always pre-ordered vegetarian food and we usually enjoy every high altitude meal served. And Air India’s Executive Class service was definitely one of the best so far.

After dinner, I spent about an hour working on the yoga film and then slept horizontally for about four hours. As we flew over the Öresund Bridge and headed for landing at Kastrup International, I looked around the Executive Class cabin and once again promised myself to never fly coach again.