Early Bird Run in Malmö

For whatever reason, I keep waking up ridiculously early. I don’t have an abundance of things going on, so it isn’t stress or anything negative. It’s probably a combo of age and season.

This morning I opened my eyes at 4 a.m. and about a half an hour later, I headed out for a long run along the quiet streets and parks of Malmö. A beautiful sunrise accompanied me and I made an effort to run where I assumed there would be extraordinary good morning light, aka “Blue Hour/Golden Hour”. I’ve figured out that by stopping once and a while during the course of an hour long run, I’m in effect introducing intervalls, which is supposed to be good for the ‘ol cardiovascular system.
On this particular morning, I listened to the commentary from Trump’s decision to abandoned the climate accord and the short and longterm repercussions this will have in the global political arena. The New York Times’ new podcast, “The Daily”, is just superb – as is Santa Monica based KCRW’s “To the Point”. Both offer inherantly liberal takes on the subject, but at least I’m getting some width geographically.
All the above shots were taken with iPhone 7+.