Thoughts on Donald J Trump: Where’s the Wak Up Call?

Here’s my approved comment about the presidential race in the New York Times online:
I doubt few notice societal norm shifts more than Americans residing abroad. As an expat based in Sweden, I’m most blown away these days at how befuddled my fellow Americans are with the phenomenon Donald J. Trump. And now that he’s officially the Republican party’s nominee, the level of either benumbing bewilderment or hypnotic intoxication seem to have reached planetary proportions. The situation is arguably self-inflicted, but tragic nonetheless.

Entertaining as it may be at a safe distance, make no mistake, this seismic norm shift is being broadcast in real-time everywhere. Friends and colleagues here in Sweden just don’t get it. They ask me how someone that embodies every unflattering American cliché can put roughly half the nation in such a deep trance, that they’re actually considering voting him into the Oval Office.

Seriously folks, how is it possible for us to not see past Mr. Trump’s populist, simplistic buffoonery and realize his reality distortion field is dividing the land further apart. That his ongoing polarizing campaign will likely cause even more damage to the already extraordinarily sedated political process?

Donald Trump is a chimaera, a PR savvy fake and bully with values that are shifting the norm of what is reasonable behavior when aspiring to shepherd the executive branch. It’s time to wake up, smell the giant, oozing turd we’re all about to step in and instead focus on a long-term strategy to mend the faults, bridge the gaps and brighten the future.