Do Avocados Feel Pain?

I’ve never been so mindful as right now when it comes to what I eat.  It’s actually quite interesting to discern and analyze what you put in your body.

About two years ago, I stopped eating beef, pork, poultry and anything on land that walked, flew, slithered or crawled. The transition wasn’t difficult at all and only occasionally – mostly when travelling abroad – do I miss sinking my teeth into a juicy beef burger, sucking on smoked baby back ribs, chewing on bbq pulled pork or stuffing my mouth with half a dozen salty strips of honey crisp bacon. None of the above can be bought at any restaurant I know of in Sweden. Well, at least not in Malmö. So, I’m not often tempted here.

I do eat all kinds of seafood and still can’t fathom how I would ever stop eating raw fish, tuna or any other kind of sushi. Not to mention crab and lobster (which I don’t eat more than once or twice a year to begin with). That said, when I took the shot above, I felt some kind of guilt. Maybe not so much while shooting the lobster, but definitely when we gathered round the table that evening to eat it and all the other shellfish I had photographed for an art project that afternoon.
Guilt can be such a powerful thing and I sincerely dread the day when some Nobel Prize winning researcher discovers that avocados can actually feel pain…