cranking creaky gears

Cranking Creaky Gears

The above cranking, creaky gears belong to the clock movement in the belfry of the Vilnius Cathedral, the oldest clock and clocktower in the Lithuanian capital. It was installed waaaaay back in 1672. I can’t remember if I was there to photograph Karolina for a Swedish fashion brand or to oversee the production of a book.

While I was standing there, high up above the square in Old Town, I remember being fascinated by the ingenuity and craftsmanship of all those ancient, interacting gears and levers. But what was even more beguiling was considering why there was even a need to know the time of day back then. I mean, how would being made aware of whether it was 8:23 am or 9:12 am make a difference to the average person in Vilnius in the late 16th century?

Well, I’m back in Malmö again. Finishing up a rather large project and beginning another, smaller, albeit considerably more creatively challenging.