I’d honestly be surprised if at least some Americans didn’t assume the latest coronavirus originated from the beer with the same name and which they are now rigorously avoiding. Update: This new poll indicates my assumption was spot on (thanks P-O).

My grandmother Agnes, a solid lady by any measure, was a farmer’s daughter and a wife of a farmer herself. She would likely have thought the expanding pandemic was nature’s own brutal way of regulating overpopulation. I don’t think she would of been wrong. Homospaiens are certainly not the best custodians Mother Earth has had thus for.

It’s hard for me to understand why the Trump administration is politicizing yet another health crisis instead of taking the spread of the virus seriously. No, I take that back. It makes perfect sense. At least insofar that I shouldn’t have expected anything else. The logic behind putting Pence in charge of all official virus-related messaging is still a little fuzzy, though.

Why the pharmaceutical and food conglomerates aren’t handing out free disinfection soaps, hand-wipes, gloves and masks left, right and center, is just dumb. I mean, keeping your customers healthy and alive should be fairly paramount. Snd the PR value of handing out masks would be immeasurable. .

If you’ve not seen the star-studded film Contagion yet, and still don’t quite grasp what’s going on, I strongly suggest watching it. According to real-life scientists, the film’s plot provides a reasonably accurate description of what happens when a virus spreads across the world.

Here’s an article from an uninsured 32-year-old American journalist with an insightful take on the situation.