Corgi in the Garden

Put together this from snippets shot during Sunday’s visit to what can only be characterized as a dog zoo called “Corgi in the Garden”. After paying a USD$10 entrance fee, you get to spend an hour socializing with Blossom, Buttercup, Baby Corn and 10 other Corgis and 30 Instagram addicted tweens in a café. Never got to see a garden, so “Corgis in a Café” would have been a more befitting name.

Writting from a diner at Souvannaphoum Airport where we’ve just had breakfast. While we were provided with proper forks, for what I can only assume is a security related rationale, the knives were child-sized and made of clear plastic. A normal dinner knife isn’t usually very sharp, so, used intensly and with purpose, the fork could arguably be the more damaging of the two utensils, albeit not as threatening conceptually. I mean, muggers don’t typically rob their victims with a fork. Unless perhaps it’s in one of the US southern states where a pitchfork could conceivably be a weapon of choice. Speaking of the South, I can sincerely recommend the latest episode of 1619, the New York Times’ excellent Saturday edition from the team behind my favorite news podcast, The Daily. Listen to it here.