Wall Lamp

Composing Compositions

All other technical and psychological variables aside, the most important in all visual artistry is composing a composition. It is something one can learn, but if it doesn’t eventually become instinctive, the gut feeling of intuitively identifying a sense of balance and harmony in any particular scene or situation, the story you’re trying to tell will inescapably suffer.

I struggle with composing compositions of just about everything I see all the time. Over time, the struggle has become an obsession insofar that I often can’t just appreciate a place, a scene, or a situation without subconsciously composing it, and figuring out where the best light or perspective is.

It’s like a blessing and a curse wrapped into one. Mostly a gift, though. Especially when the place, scene, or situation doesn’t immediately turn me on. I love the challenge of finding an interesting perspective when there isn’t an obvious one. Or, worse case, compose the subject/object/landscape in the least ugly way.